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Our best asset? Our people. We look at our employees like a tribe. With this framework, we weave together the support of a family with the professionalism of a team based on a unified culture that is critical to the fabric of our identity. This fuels the active determination that pushes our growth, the project's goals and the employees' individual development. We are inclusive, treat everyone with dignity and respect, regardless of position or rank, and embracing the mindset of meritocracy. Give it a look and if you see any opportunity on our open positions that you like to take, submit your CV.
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Flexible Workplace

We created a balanced work environment that adapts to our team best interest.By creating flexible polices and schedules, we allow our colleagues to work either in a hybrid mode or 100% remote. Allowing them to work from anywhere in the world and only restricted by our client needs.


You like sports? We do too! We love Surf, skate, paddle, football, and many others. Join us on a morning surf or our football league if you want a friendly competition.

Tech Talks

Want to ear from new technologies? Here we explore subjects like technologies or work tools to share knowledge andgain insights.

Work/Life Balance?

NearU offers a variety of learning, social, and development programs to help employees achieve a good work-life balance.


Here you can learn when you want and what you want. Learnin a new programming language? A new technology? You can learn everything with our training and you getting certifications along the way.


The most important thing that we have is our tribe, so we want to take them to be healthy. We offer full health care plan including dental. We have families and there is also have the option to customize the medical benefits to cover their spouses, and any dependents they may have.

Team Gatherings

If it’s 6PM and you are at our office, it’s time to relax and grab a beer with colleagues. We have an amazing deck at our Lisbon office, fully beer equipped. If you want to go crazy, than organize a team barbecue, we also have one of does.

Food / snacks

NearU Office has various spots for you to grab free coffee, and well-stocked micro kitchens that gives free morning snacks to NearUers. We rarely more than 50 meets away from food.

Other Perks

NearU has join forces with MY.Discounts to give you a tone of discounts in all kids of things, such as Well-being, sports, health, fashion, trips, technologies and many others. Check them out in [] My.discounts




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Find out the current team's gaps and check the way to fix them. Also check if we have needs in terms of ability, personality, or performance.



We finding resumes for specific jobs defined. After knowing the need for recruitments the next step is to start sourcing people for different job niches.



It is basically a process of determining whether the candidate is qualified for the role based education, experience or other information on their resume.



Short-listed candidates will go through the process of depending on the size of the hiring team and specific recruiting needs, multiple interviews can be scheduled.



The second last stage of the recruitment process is hiring and offer of employment. We never take it for granted that the candidate is going to accept our application.



Every new hiring feels a little awkward at first, right? But it can be a “win-win” situation for us to win some extra points by helping new employees settle in easily.

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