Waste Vision


Waste Vision

Waste Vision stimulates cities, individuals and businesses to separate waste and to collect these materials in an environmentally and economically-efficient manner. Creating, step-by step, a society in which waste is not the end but the beginning of something new.


Waste Vision was looking for a partner with experience in Microsoft Tech stack software solutions that could get up to speed with a Team to provide a service that could guaranty the continuous performance of the existing applications but even more important excel and refactor the new platform being built from scratch.


Acknowledge the existing applications through a proper knowledge transfer to our Technical Team Leader in order to analyse the best team size and skills having in consideration Waste Vision Applications requirements and taking that into advantage to help in the development of the new platform being created that aggregates all the existing applications at the time in one unique solution.


The team was able in short time to understand the business and the complexity of the architecture implemented and provide the best solutions for the application needs in order to be more scalable, performant and rebust.