SprayPay provides a new way to do payments on the internet. Giving the possibility to the end customer to pay the shopping cart purchase in instalments. On the payment page of the affiliated Webshop, choose Spraypay in installments. As soon as the end customer indicates that wants to pay with installments via SprayPay, the requestedpayment(loan request) is assessed based on a number of checks. The application takes place completely online. The consumer knows immediately whether payment in installments can be made. If the agreement is reached, the consumer can immediately enjoy his or her purchase, just needing to wait for the delivery.


We started our collaboration wit SprayPay back in 2017. At the time the existing MVP was still in a very early phase in production that had a lot of new developments to be made in order to grow in terms of market and customers.


We started the challenge by understanding what was the Customer needs for the short and Med term by doing an assessment of the existing Product Road Map and also analysing the existing Tech landscape and the architecture implemented in order to define the best approach in terms of Service and Quality standards.


Our partership with SprayPay is not only to provide the best team for but also helping in the creation of new channels for end customers and third party integrations in order to sustain technically the growth of webshops parternships, end customers volume increase and Loan Size increment.