June 12, 2022


The upcoming event Offchain Lisbon will take part in Cascais Marina on the 30th June

The upcoming 3rd event Lisbon OffChain will take part in Cascais Marina at KBueno restaurant on the 30th June, join us.

Welcome to Lisbon OffChain event @ KBueno!

OffChain is a global networking community for blockchain and crypto enthusiasts started in 2017. Crypto Drinks welcomes a wide range of like-minded people from blockchain developers, to crypto VC’s to miners to quant traders to people who just own a little bitcoin. We welcome everyone who has an interest in blockchain and crypto. OffChain’s aims to have a base of regular social gatherings with no speakers with speaking events mixed in from time-to-time.

Dress code:

Elegant  with a NFT touch;

Event location:

Kbueno -Marina de Cascais - Lisbon - 7pm BST;


Casa de São Bernardo, 2750-800 Cascais

Event Planning:

Drinks & Networking;

Offical webiste:


Lisbon Whastapp, join our group:


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