June 20, 2022


Near.U was launched in Portugal to develop digital services worldwide

Near.U was launched in Portugal to develop digital services worldwide

Near. U – the new brand of the MoOngy group – was launched today, June 21st, to develop remote technological services for businesses and companies from Portugal to anywhere in the world. It has a team of digital makers with more than 15 years of experience who will work for different continents in a glocal regime, driven by global connectivity and the economic transformation centered on the digital.

Near.U currently has 50 employees and plans to expand by 30% by the end of the year. It aspires to be the Competence Center for Information Technology Services specialized in Nearshore of the MoOngy group, with over 7000 employees in 14 countries.

“The qualified employees that Portuguese tech companies have entices international companies and organizations to establish or expand their investments. We combine talent, innovation, and excellent infrastructure”, says Abílio Duarte, Managing Director of Near.U. “With the acceptance of remote work, it became possible to work from anywhere in the world. And that is why Near.U will provide global digital development through its network, which has a strong international reputation.”

According to Abílio Duarte, the brand will “follow an effective process to identify, recruit, configure, train, and monitor highly qualified teams, adapted to the specifics of each project, through close communication with the customer”.

Focus on Web3

Among Near.U’s areas of expertise are Digital Experience, Enterprise Application Management, Cloud & Devops, Gaming & Gamification, and Big Data & Machine Learning.

Near.U will also focus on Web3. “Decentralized technologies have already had a strong impact on the financial sector, but it will also spread to other areas. We will follow this trend and encourage businesses to use it as a competitive advantage”, says Abílio Duarte.  

The brand will participate in the Offchain events in Portugal – which bring together professionals and people interested in Blockchain and decentralized technologies. It will be at the Cascais Marina (starting at 7 p.m.), on the 30 of June.